Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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how to use dubai metro

The Dubai Metro is the easy and affordable way to get around Dubai. Its air-conditioned cars zip along two lines spanning 75 kilometers, connecting many of Dubai’s top attractions. Using the metro is simple if you follow these tips.

Buying Metro Tickets

You have several options for paying metro fares:

Planning Your Journey

Use Google Maps or the free RTA Dubai app to plan the best metro route to your destination. Enter your start and end points and it will map out directions, including which metro line(s) to take and where to transfer.

The Dubai metro system contains 2 lines:

  • Red line – Runs south to north from the Rashidiya station to the UAE Exchange station
  • Green line – Intersects the red line going east to west from Etisalat to Creek

Many stations have parking lots and bus connections if you need to drive or take a bus to access the metro system.

Entering and Exiting Stations

When entering and exiting a Dubai metro station, you’ll need to tap your NOL card or ticket on the electronic gates. Gates will open once validated.

Give yourself enough time when changing trains to follow signs and walk to the correct platform. Major transfer stations have moving walkways to speed up connections between lines.

If you have difficulties finding the right train car or platform, ask one of the helpful station attendants.

When exiting at your destination station, tap your card again on the exit gates. Don’t forget to tap your NOL card or you’ll be charged the maximum fare!

Riding the Metro Trains

  • Metro trains arrive every 6-15 minutes depending on the station and time of day
  • Keep small children close to you on the train
  • Hold onto pole handles – sudden braking can cause falls
  • Stand back from the train doors and let passengers exit before you board
  • Make way for passengers exiting at each stop before boarding

The metro system has Gold Class cars on both the red and green lines. For a higher fare, Gold passengers enjoy more spacious cars and separate waiting areas.

Metro Safety and Rules

To keep your metro journey safe and pleasant, follow these rules:

  • No smoking, littering, or pets
  • Stand on the right side of escalators
  • Speak quietly on mobile phones
  • Let elderly, disabled passengers use priority seats
  • Follow crew instructions about where to stand during crowded times

In an emergency, find the intercom on the metro car to speak with the train driver.

Travelling at Night and With Children

Solo women and children may opt to ride in the first two front cars of trains, which are reserved for women and children after 7:00 pm. Families find these cars offer more room and privacy.

If travelling late at night, try not to wait alone – stand near other passengers or station staff. Pre-order a taxi pickup at your destination metro station.

To entertain little ones, bring small toys and books. Feed babies and toddlers before boarding to avoid messy spills. Metro cars have some fold-down seats for passengers with infants.

Useful Dubai Metro Tips

  • Get an NOL card to save over paper tickets
  • Bring a sweater – cars have strong air conditioning!
  • Watch the digital display for upcoming stations
  • Have coins on hand for public restroom entry fees
  • Download metro maps from the RTA website
  • Refill your NOL card at station ticket machines

With prepaid tickets or a NOL card ready, boarding the right train is simple. Relax and enjoy zipping around Dubai by metro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the metro map?

You can view metro maps on your phone using the RTA Dubai app or by downloading maps on the RTA website. Printed metro maps are available at ticket offices in stations. Maps on metro trains show the train route and upcoming stations.

Can I take luggage on the metro train?

Yes, you can bring luggage onto metro trains. Look for train cars with vacant spaces around doors to store strollers, bags, and suitcases. Or choose less crowded Gold class cars if possible.

Do metro trains have wheelchair access?

Yes, Dubai Metro provides wheelchair accessibility, including boarding ramps from platforms. Look for the wheelchair symbol on metro car doorways. Inform station attendants if you need boarding assistance.

Can I eat and drink on the metro?

Food and beverages should not be consumed inside metro cars and stations to avoid spills and messes. Exceptions are made for water bottles with seals and snacks for infants and children. Some stations have vending machines and cafes on the street level near entries.

In Conclusion

Riding Dubai’s metro system is quick, comfortable, and wallet-friendly. With an NOL card or ticket in hand, you can avoid traffic congestion and parking headaches.

Use the RTA journey planner to map your personalized route. Give yourself enough connecting time between lines at transfer stations. Relax in air-conditioned cars and watch your progress on digital displays.

Follow metro rules like standing to the sides of escalators and giving up priority seats. To entertain kids on longer journeys, come prepared with a few small toys and books.

With this Dubai Metro guide, you can zip around to key attractions and landmarks spread across this dynamic city.

So tap your NOL card at the gates and let the metro bring you easily to your destination!

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