Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Riding the Dubai Metro is a convenient way to get around the city. However, to ensure a safe, comfortable, and orderly experience for all passengers, there are some basic rules and regulations that must be followed. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will make travel easier for everyone.

Buying and Using Tickets

All passengers must have a valid Nol ticket, card, or pass to access Metro stations and ride the trains. These can be purchased from ticket offices, machines, and recharge kiosks located in stations.

List of a Valid Tickets

  1. Nol Red Ticket: Single ride ticket
  2. Nol Silver Card: Rechargeable stored value card
  3. Nol Gold Card: Personalized monthly or yearly pass
  4. Nol blue personal card

Make sure to tap your ticket at the ticket gates when entering and exiting stations. If you have insufficient funds on your silver card, you must top up the balance before travelling to avoid any delays during your travel.

Platforms and Trains

  1. Stand behind the yellow line while waiting for trains
  2. Allow passengers to exit before boarding
  3. Make way for priority seating areas if you do not require them
  4. Keep belongings clear of aisles and doors
  5. No eating, no chewing gum or drinking – if caught AED 100 fine
  6. Yield priority seating to elderly, disabled, pregnant, or injured passengers if needed
  7. No gentleman is allowed at the women’s and children cabin, if caught AED 100 fines
  8. No drinks or liquors if caught – AED 500 or serious fines might apply.
  9. No skateboarding or scooters at the train station.
  10. If you are silver card holder and you are inside of a gold cabin, I caught AED 200 fines
  11. Being loud and/ Indecent – it may be accidentally maybe your earphones are not properly pluged in or maybe you that joke was so funny and you had laugh out loud – it might lead you to AED 100 fine is someone complain.
  12. Using expired/invalid card, if caught AED 200 fines
  13. Putting feet on seats, if caught AED 100 fines
  14. Selling Nol card without permission, if caught AED200
  15. Failure to present Nol card upon request – Fines AED 200
  16. Misusing Lift or Escalators – Fines 100 AED.
  17. Using any security or safety device tools including emergency exits when it’s not necessary – Fines 2000 AED

General Conduct and Prohibited Items

To ensure a safe environment, passengers must refrain from inappropriate behavior such as:

  1. Smoking on Metro property
  2. Littering – use the rubbish bins provided
  3. Playing loud music without headphones
  4. Entering metro with the presence of alcohol
  5. Carrying hazardous materials such as flammable liquids or explosives
  6. Vandalism or damage to stations or trains
  7. No sleeping at the metro stations

Other prohibited items include:

  1. Weapons of any kind
  2. Alcohol or illegal drugs
  3. Pets except service animals

By following these etiquette guidelines, all riders can enjoy clean, pleasant journeys on the Dubai Metro. Staff and security personnel may deny service or remove passengers for non-compliance.

Children and Strollers

Children under 5 years can ride free when accompanied by a guardian. Strollers are permitted onboard though passengers are asked to fold them during busy times to allow more room for other riders. Children must be removed from strollers on trains and kept under adult supervision at all times.

Lost and Found

If you lose or find any items on the Metro, immediately notify station agents to fill out a report or turn in found objects. For significant losses, contact Dubai Police to file a formal report.

Safety and Emergencies

In case of emergency, locate the nearest intercom station to speak with Metro staff. Listen and comply with all public address announcements and instructions. Use emergency brake handles only if absolutely needed, as false alarms will lead to service delays.

During an evacuation, follow guidance from authorized staff only and do not use elevators. Metro emergency exits and pathways will be clearly indicated. Remain outside the premises until officials deem conditions safe to re-enter.

Accessibility Features

The Dubai Metro aims to provide a transit system that is accessible to all riders, including:

  1. Level boarding platforms for wheelchairs and strollers
  2. Priority seating areas on trains
  3. Tactile guidance paths for the visually impaired
  4. Audible announcements and signage
  5. Accessible ticket offices and gates
  6. ATM Machines

If you require assistance, ask a member of staff who will be happy to help ensure your journey is smooth and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Nol card has insufficient funds?

You must top up your Nol card balance at ticket machines or recharge kiosks before entering metro stations. Alternatively, you can purchase a paper Red Ticket for a single ride. You might get serious fine is caught traveling without a Nol card in trains and buses.

Can I bring my pet onboard?

Only officially permitted service animals are allowed. All other pets must travel in secure carriers and are not allowed on trains.

What is the fine for smoking within metro stations?

Smoking on metro property is strictly prohibited. Offenders are subject to a fine of 500 AED as per RTA regulations.

Are food and beverages allowed on trains?

Eating and drinking is not permitted except for resalable water bottles to prevent spills and littering. Exceptions are sometimes made for young children and medical necessities.

Can I use the emergency brake without reason?

Emergency brake handles should only be used in genuine critical situations. Falsely activating the emergency stop results in significant service disruptions and you may have to pay AED 200 fine.


Following metro standards regarding tickets, conduct, prohibited items, safety, and accessibility ensures all Dubai Tram riders have an efficient, secure, and comfortable travel experience. Keep these rules in mind, be considerate of others, and seek assistance from metro staff if needed. Responsible behavior by passengers contributes enormously to maintaining the smooth operation and world-class facilities of this mass transit system.

By keeping etiquette and regulations in mind, the Dubai Metro provides residents and visitors an easy way to traverse the city while seeing the sights. Have an excellent journey!