Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Welcome to Dubai Metro, your comprehensive guide to using the modern, convenient, and expanding Dubai Metro system. Our website was founded in [year] with the goal of providing tourists, residents, and visitors with the information they need to effectively navigate the metro system.

We are locals who use and love the Dubai Metro. We know firsthand how the metro can connect you to key destinations and attractions in Dubai and make transportation easier. However, we also remember our early days of confusion trying to understand the metro system.

That’s why we created Dubai Metro – to share metro knowledge and make it simple. Here you will find details on metro routes, station stops, operating hours, fares, accessibility features, and rules. We want to prepare you for a smooth, enjoyable metro trip.

On our site, you can browse maps of the metro Red line and Green metro lines. Learn which stations are nearest to “must-see” attractions and hotels. Download metro maps to carry with you. Check train frequencies and first/last operating hours so you can plan your schedule. View fare information – including single trip tickets, NOL cards, and special tourist passes. Gain an understanding of metro etiquette and rules to follow.

We are continually updating Dubai Metro with the latest information as the metro system expands. We aim for our content to be clear, accurate, and insightful. If you ever have questions or feedback, please contact us. We would love to improve the site to better meet your Dubai Metro knowledge needs.

We invite you to explore the site and prepare for smooth travels on one of the world’s leading mass transit rail networks. Let Dubai Metro guide the way in getting you where you want to go in this world-class destination.