Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Dubai Metro Green Line
Connecting Dubai's Emerging Sustainable Communities by Rail The 18.6 km Dubai Metro Green Line links key residential and business areas through a sustainable driverless rail system along Al Qusais, Creek, and Healthcare City.
Dubai Metro Red Line

Metro Dubai Map for Green Line

Dubai Metro Green Line: An Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Transit System


The Dubai Metro Green Line is one of the two main lines on the Dubai Metro railway network. Opened in 2011, it connects areas like Deira, Bur Dubai, and Healthcare City. With its energy-efficient trains and stations built with sustainable materials, the Green Line exemplifies Dubai’s vision for modern and eco-friendly transportation.

Key Stations and Attractions Along the Green Line


Deira is one of oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Dubai. The vibrant Deira metro stations connect passengers to Deira’s famous gold, textile and spice souks, as well as attractions like the Deira Twin Towers.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai metro station puts riders steps away from the Dubai Museum and the waterfront of Bur Dubai, with its traditional abra river taxi boats. Nearby are also the historic Grand Mosque and many small shops and alleyways to explore.

Healthcare City

The metro serves the Dubai Healthcare City medical free zone, connecting riders to hospitals, clinics, medical research facilities and more within this healthcare hub.

Features of the Green Line Metro Trains

Automated Train Operations

The Green Line uses cutting-edge driverless train operation technology to safely and efficiently move passengers between stations. This allows for more frequent train schedules.


The trains have lightweight aluminum bodies and use electromagnets for motion, resulting in smooth, quiet and energy-efficient rides. Advanced air conditioning further minimizes power usage.


The metro aims for complete accessibility for all riders. Train cars and platforms have dedicated wheelchair spaces, tactile guidance paths and lifts. Metro staff are also available to assist riders with disabilities.

Why Ride the Green Line?

Avoid Traffic

The Green Line provides reliable transportation, unaffected by Dubai’s infamous car traffic. Passengers can bypass congested roads and reach attractions quickly.


The metro helps reduce tailpipe emissions from private cars. Its high passenger volume also reduces per capita carbon footprint. The efficiency and green construction materials also cut environmental impact.

Comfort and Convenience

Riders enjoy air conditioned comfort, plenty of space for luggage, strollers and wheelchairs and handy amenities like phone charging ports. Clear signs make navigation easy for visitors.

Future Expansions

There are plans to extend the Green Line westward, adding 7 new stations and connecting more neighborhoods in Dubai to the metro system. This will encourage further ridership while spreading the metro’s sustainability benefits.

The Dubai Metro Green Line provides efficient, eco-friendly connectivity across historic and modern Dubai. With its growing network, soon even more residents and visitors will be able to enjoy hassle-free rides around Dubai.