Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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How To Check Dubai Metro Card Balance

Checking your Nol card balance in Dubai is easy and can be done through several convenient methods. Whether you want to check your balance through the RTA mobile app, on the RTA website, via SMS, or at metro station vending machines, the process is quick and straightforward. This article outlines step-by-step instructions for using each method to check your Nol card balance. It covers creating an account and logging in on the app, locating the check balance button on the RTA website, registering your card and sending SMS messages, as well as using metro station card readers. With these simple guidelines, you can easily keep track of your Nol card balance.

Online –download the RTA mobile app.

  1. Create Account
  2. Log in your Account with your User ID and Password
  3. Press the “Checkyour Nol Balance” Button.
  4. Provide your Card Number you can find it at the back of your Card
  5. In Nol Tag ID option select the View balance
  6. And your balance will be shown on the Screen

RTA website

  1. Visit the RTA website
  2. Press “Check Nol Balance” button
  3. Provide your Nol card tag ID ( you can find it at the back of your card)
  4. Press the “Search” Button
  5. Your balance will be shown on the Screen

 Via SMS

  1. You need to register your Nol card through your Mobile no. Send your Nol Card Tag ID to 511 via SMS
  2. After you register send your Nol tag ID to 511via SMS please note that Standard SMS charges may apply.
  3. After registration send “Balance” or “Bal” to 511. Your card balance and history will be sent to you

At the Metro Station Vending Machine.

  1. Find the Nearest Vending Machine at the Metro Station
  2. Insert your Nol card into the Card Reader Slot.
  3. Press “Check balance” option
  4. Your Card balance will be shown to you.

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