Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Dubai Metro Monthly Passes

The Dubai Metro is the main public transportation system in Dubai, consisting of the Red Line and Green Line. A monthly pass for the Dubai Metro offers a convenient and affordable way for frequent commuters to utilize the system. This article provides an in-depth guide on Dubai Metro monthly passes.

Overview of Dubai Metro Monthly Passes

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers monthly passes called NOL cards that allow unlimited Dubai Metro trips during a 30-day period. Here are some key things to know about monthly Metro passes in Dubai:

Valid for 30 consecutive days from first use

Unlimited trips; no need to recharge during validity period

Three types available based on zones traveled

Reloadable; can renew pass each month

Use tap-and-go NOL card for entry/exit at metro stations

Register card to name for balance protection

Types of Monthly Passes

There are three types of Dubai Metro monthly passes based on the number of zones you need to travel in: 1month pass, 90 days pass or 365 days pass.

Silver Monthly Pass

  • Covers 1 zone monthly pass = AED 140
  • Covers 1 zone 3month pass = AED 330
  • Covers 1 zone 1 year pass = AED 1060
  • Example route: Sharaf DG to Business Bay
  • Covers 2 zone = AED 230
  • Covers 2 zone 3 months pass = AED 550
  • Covers 2 zone 1 year pass = AED 1770
  • Example route: Al rigga to Business bay
  • Silver card(Monthly) all zones: AED350
  • Silver card (3month) pass all zone = AED 830
  • Silver card (1year) pass all zone = AED 2670

Gold Monthly Pass

  • Covers 1 zones (1month) = AED 280
  • Covers 1 zones (3month) = AED 660
  • Covers 1 zones (1 year) pass = AED 2120
  • Example route: Sharaf DG to Business bay
  • Covers 2 zone monthly= AED 460
  • Covers 2 zone (3month) pass = AED 1100
  • Covers 2 zone (1 year) pass = AED 3540
  • Example route: Al Rigga to business bay
  • Gold card (Monthly) Cover all zones = Price AED 700
  • Gold card (3month) pass = AED 1660
  • Gold card (1 year) pass = AED 5340

The zone your pass should cover depends on your regular metro trip. The Dubai Metro map shows the various zones.

Getting a Dubai Metro Monthly Pass

Step 1: Obtain an NOL Card

NOL cards are required for all monthly passes. An NOL card costs AED 25, including AED 19 credit. You can get one at NOL vending machines in metro stations. Just insert AED 25 cash and follow instructions.

Step 2: Register Your NOL Card

It’s highly recommended to register your NOL card to your name. This links the card securely to you for balance protection and lets you block the card if lost.

Register at a NOL card service desk in metro stations or on the RTA website. You’ll need an Emirates ID card or Active RTA profile.

Step 3: Purchase Your Monthly Pass

Bring your NOL card and payment to a NOL card service agent at major metro stations. Let them know which monthly pass you want.

The pass will be activated and loaded onto your card. It becomes valid on first entry tap at a metro gate during operating hours.

Using Your Dubai Metro Monthly Pass

Tap your NOL monthly pass card on metro entry/exit gates

Gates will show 30-day validity period confirmation

If expired, use ticket office/vending machine to renew

Don’t let anyone else use your registered monthly pass. If misused, your card may be blocked and benefits lost.

Report loss or theft of pass immediately to prevent unauthorized use. You can request a replacement monthly pass by visiting the RTA website or calling 800-9090.

  • Managing Your Monthly Pass
  • Check Pass Expiry & Renewals

Check your monthly pass expiry by tagging your NOL card at any metro gate. To renew, simply purchase another monthly pass from NOL machines or offices before the 30-day validity ends.

Unused days don’t carry over, so time new pass purchases carefully each month.

Cancel or Upgrade Passes

You can only cancel unused metro monthly passes – this must be done on the same calendar day purchased.

To upgrade to a higher zone pass, bring NOL card to metro office after using for at least 5 trips so agent can process refund and upgrade purchase.

Personalize Your Monthly Pass

Add a free lost & found message to your registered NOL card in case you lose it. Log in online or visit a NOL info desk.

You can also purchase a special Dubai Metro souvenir monthly pass with unique designs from Expo 2020, National Day, etc. These provide the same unlimited travel benefits.

Dubai Metro Monthly Pass FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Dubai Metro monthly passes:

How soon does my Dubai Metro monthly pass expire?

Your 30 unlimited trip days begin immediately on first use and expire at midnight on the 30th day.

Can I share my monthly pass with others?

-No. Your NOL monthly pass is registered under  your name. Don’t let anyone else use your registered monthly pass. If misused, your card may be blocked and benefits lost.

What if my monthly pass gets damaged?

-You’ll need to purchase a replacement if your pass gets damaged or demagnetized. Bring damaged card to the RTA office to get prorated refund value.

Can I get a student discount on monthly passes?

-Unfortunately, student discounts don’t apply to Dubai Metro monthly passes currently. Premium Class and children under 5 years old ride free though.

How do I report my NOL card with monthly pass lost or stolen?

 -If your registered NOL monthly pass gets lost or stolen, immediately report it through the RTA website or by calling 800-9090 to block the card. Also you can visit the nearest metro station and report it for you to get a new card to get transferred all the balance from your lost or stolen card and also for the remaining days you have until your monthly pass expired.

Conclusion – Get Your Monthly Metro Pass Today!

Dubai Metro monthly passes offer an unlimited, convenient way for frequent travelers to ride confidently. Whether commuting daily for work, enjoying Dubai’s top attractions, or running regular errands, passes save you time and money.

Choose your ideal monthly NOL pass based on metro zones covered and register card for security. Renew monthly or upgrade if needed – and don’t let your card expire! With the full metro system at your fingertips, you’ll navigate Dubai with ease.

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