Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Dubai Frame Metro Station

Strategically located along Sheikh Zayed Road lies the Dubai Frame metro station, the nearest metro station you can get in is Al jafliya station is located in the metro red line platform that grants convenient access to one of Dubai’s popular architectural marvels – The Dubai Frame. As one of the newer stations on the Red Line metro route extension, it draws sizeable daily traffic from sightseers headed towards the striking gold-mirrored structure.

The station’s direct scheduled connectivity to the attraction underlines Dubai’s focus towards enhancing last-mile access to key points of interest through sustainable public transit.

Overview of Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park

Inaugurated in 2018, the Dubai Frame structure essentially serves as both a tourist spot and architectural landmark signifying ‘old and new Dubai’. For further clarification, you can check our map for Dubai metro.

Key highlights include:

  1. World’s largest picture frame structure spanning 150 metres high
  2. Floor-to-ceiling glass panel observation decks with immersive displays
  3. Stunning 360-degree cityscapes from 150 metres elevation
  4. Adjoining award-winning Zabeel Park recreation space

Spread across Al Mustaqbal Road and parked by thousands daily, the area containing Dubai’s latest iconic creation calls for robust connectivity solutions that the metro aptly fulfills.

Advantages of Metro Access to Dubai Frame

Traveling via metro brings key conveniences for visitors headed to marvel at this architectonic wonder including:

  1. Quick commute through metro avoiding road traffic on busy Sheikh Zayed Road
  2. Cost-effective trip with paper or rechargeable Nol travel cards
  3. Interchange stations like Sharaf DG allowing transit from other metro lines
  4. Feeder bus connectivity from station to Zabeel Park entry gates
  5. Avoidance of parking space scarcity around attraction site

Features of Dubai Frame Station

As one of Dubai Metro’s elevated stations, Dubai Frame metro stop packs state-of-the-art features including:

  1. Sleek steel and glass design melding with the modern cityscape
  2. Air-conditioned interiors with spacious concourses
  3. Clear signage and route maps for navigation
  4. Tactile flooring stretch and stairway railings aiding accessibility
  5. Charging ports for electronic devices
  6. The facilities also contain transit-oriented retail spaces serving light refreshments and quick snacks for the convenience of tourists and daily commuters alike.Accessing the Station

The station can be easily accessed through multiple transportation options Arrival via Dubai Metro Red Line trains from either direction

  1. Interchange from Green Line trains at Baniyas station
  2. Mwasalat buses stopping near the Dubai Frame structure
  3. Personal vehicles parking around Zabeel Park
  4. App-based taxi and rideshare drop-offs near station or park gates with walking transfer
  5. The provision of multi-modal access infrastructure makes sightseeing seamless for tourists while also bolstering connectivity to neighbouring districts for regular daily commuters in the vicinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some key questions travellers have regarding the metro station:

How far is the walking distance from station to Dubai Frame entrance?

From Al jafliya metro station, (red line platform) Exit from the Metro and turn righth to khalifa bin zayed road, walk about 500 metres approximate until you reach Zabeel park and the dubai frame wil be on the left hand side

It is a manageable short walk of around 8-10 minutes from the metro through clearly marked pedestrian routes and sidewalks to enter Zabeel Park for accessing Dubai Frame. YES.

What are the RTA buses I can catch near Dubai Frame?

Mwasalat bus route 83A stops right near the entrance of Zabeel Park functioning as feeder transit to Dubai Frame and by extension – the metro station.

Where exactly is the station situated nearby?

Dubai Frame metro station is strategically constructed adjacent to Al Jafiliya Metro Station to bolster transit access for tourists headed to the key attraction.

Is woman and child compartment available?

Yes, the Dubai Metro trains serving this station offer special dedicated cabins for women and young children for privacy and secure commute, and it is located at the opposite side od the gold class cabin

Are taxis readily available from the station for onward travel?

Yes, dedicated taxi stands are available right outside key station exits ensuring taxis are accessible 24/7 for pickups and drop offs,

If you are from the metro just tell the driver to take you to the Dubai frame and they will drop you off at the entrance of Zabeel park.

Is there an elevator in dubai frame?

YES the structural design of Dubai frame is 100m width and 150m by height, Glass lift that provide you to see breathtaking views between the old times dubai and well developed Dubai.


Dubai Frame metro station delivers sustainable connectivity enhancing tourism infrastructure for accessing this key attraction in prominent position in the city’s heart ensures easy accessibility for tourist staying in different areas, Alongside mirroring Dubai’s focus on developing an efficient public transit ecosystem, The station’s location and linkages underline the emirate’s ongoing efforts towards sustainable development.

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