Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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Burjuman Metro Station Exit 2 Dubai

Conveniently located beside one of Dubai’s most iconic malls, BurJuman, lies the Burjuman Metro Station on the Red Line. As one of Dubai Metro’s busiest interchanges allowing switching between the Red Lines and Green Lines, it provides access to thousands of commuters daily.

Particularly, Exit 2 of Burjuman Station connects directly to Burjuman Mall’s lower ground level continuing onwards to several nearby office towers too. It stands out for indoor navigability and proximity to key landmarks around the area.

Why Choose Exit 2 of Burjuman Station?

Exit 2 connects directly to the sprawling Burjuman Mall through interlinked airconditioned walkways without requiring crossing roads or walking outdoors there are also a lot of restaurant and cafe’s in the area it’s a great place for sightseeing, getting to burjuman station is very easy and accessible because it is located in the Metro red line. For more information about Burjuman station, you can see our metro map Dubai.

 Key advantages include:

  1. Quick entry/exit into 1 million sq. ft. Burjuman shopping complex
  2. Navigable access to office towers like Burjuman Business Tower
  3. No traffic hazards or Dubai heat during daily commute
  4. Clear ×-follow indoor signage leading to nearby destinations
  5. Short walking routes to metro for Burjuman’s retail visitors
  6. It neatly fulfills work commute needs alongside addressing “last mile” connectivity concerns for mall patrons relying on metro transit.

Facilities and Services at Exit 2

As one of Burjuman Station’s key exits, Exit 2 offers various facilities catering specifically to mall and office tower visitors, like:

  1. Multiple entry/exit gates with NOL Card Tap points
  2. Tactile guidance tiles for visually impaired riders
  3. Clear digital signboards over individual gates
  4. RTA helpdesk and customer care counters
  5. Washrooms plus ablution rooms in connecting walkway
  6. Mall-operated luggage storage spaces

The exit layout provides accessibility suitable for mall patrons with shopping bags, strollers, luggage etc. The adjoining footbridge grants added convenience through the availability of multiple services.

Popular Destinations Nearby

Thanks to seamless indoor connectivity, Exit 2 links Burjuman Station directly to popular hotspots in the neighborhood including:

  1. One of Dubai’s top malls, Burjuman
  2. Corporate offices like Burjuman Business Tower
  3. Prestigious embassy location, Capital Club Tower
  4. Upscale dining options at adjoining Food District
  5. Nearby attractions like Wafi Mall and Khan Murjan Souk
  6. Dubai Chamber headquarters within walking vicinity

Thus the exit enables commuting easily to workplace along with accessing leisure spots.

Accessing the Exit

Exit 2 can be accessed via:

  1. Dubai Metro Red Line train arriving on south-end platforms
  2. Interchange from Green Line train alighting at Burjuman
  3. RTA buses dropping off near locations outside Exit 2
  4. Careem/Uber drop offs to metro station entrance

Entry is through designated NOL Card scanner gates after descending to lower ground floor via lifts, escalators or stairs clearly marked for Exit 2.

Top FAQs About Burjuman Station Exit 2

Here are some key questions passengers have regarding Exit 2:

  • Are washroom facilities available at Exit 2? No.

Yes, clean washrooms are available for public use in the connecting footbridge. There is also a separate ablution zone as per requirements.

  • Is Burjuman mall wheelchair friendly from Exit 2?

Yes, options like elevator access, ramps and wheelchair lending services ensure mall access from metro is disability-friendly.

  • Can I access Dubai Chamber from Exit 2?

Yes, Dubai Chamber headquarters within walking vicinity

  • Are taxis available from Exit 2 for onward travel?

Yes, metered taxis are available 24/7 from the taxi stand in Burjuman Mall lower ground level.

  • Can I catch an RTA bus from outside Exit 2?

Yes, a bus stand is located right outside enabling transit by feeder buses towards other districts.


In summary, Burjuman Metro Station Exit 2 stands out for enabling efficient passenger transition into Dubai’s premier shopping and business facilities located nearby including the burjuman business center which is one of the city’s best shopping malls, a lot of restuarants café’s,alongside bolstering Burjuman district’s foot traffic, it signifies Dubai’s focus towards enhancing “last-mile” connectivity through well- mapped infrastructure.

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