Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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What Time Metro Start In Dubai

The Dubai Metro provides efficient, regular public transportation for over 200,000 daily riders across its Red and Green lines. With trains reaching destinations across Dubai, the metro’s opening and closing times are key for both commuters and visitors. So what time does Dubai Metro service start on typical weekdays and weekends?

Weekday Service Schedule

On normal weekdays (Sunday to Thursday in the UAE), Dubai Metro trains start passenger service at:

So you can catch the first metro trains heading out from end-of-line stations just before 6:00 am Monday to Thursday.

This enables commuters plenty of time to reach offices, schools, and other destinations opening early in the day. It also gives early-arriving travelers from Dubai International Airport on the Red Line access to connectivity across Dubai.

Friday Service Schedule

On Fridays, which are holy days in the UAE, Dubai Metro again starts running at:

  • 5:50 am – Early Red Line trains heading southbound from Rashidiya
  • 5:50 am – Early Green Line trains heading westbound from Etisalat Station

So the standard opening metro time of 5:50 am also applies to regular Friday service. Many schools and offices are closed on Fridays in Dubai, but the metro still provides timely transportation for mosque prayers, weekend shopping trips, and sightseeing.

The Friday schedule connects those arriving early on flights into Dubai Airport before the city wakes up.

Saturday Service Schedule

Saturday metro service, serving as something of a transition from the Friday weekend to the Sunday workweek, also opens at the standard time, with the:

  • First Red Line trains departing Rashidiya at 5:50 am
  • First Green Line trains leaving Etisalat Station at 5:50 am

So you can rely on catching 5:50 am start times for metro lines in both directions, whether you are traveling on a quiet Friday or busier Saturday.

Metro Station Closing Times

Dubai Metro complete hours of operation extend past the early start times outlined above. The closing station times are:


  • Red Line – 12 midnight (last southbound train from Rashidiya)
  • Green Line – 11:00 pm (last westbound train from Etisalat)


  • Red Line – 1:00 am (last southbound train)
  • Green Line – 12 midnight (last westbound train)

Note that times can vary by a few minutes, so don’t cut it too close! Also build in time for transfers between lines to make any last connections.

First and Last Train Trip Duration

If you take the very first or last metro trains of the day in their full trips between end stations, journey times run:

  • Red Line – Approximately 60 minutes Rashidiya to UAE Exchange
  • Green Line – Approximately 45 minutes Etisalat to Creek Station

Factor the above durations if you have important commitments like first flights out of Dubai International or meetings in bustling Dubai Marina.

Key Takeaways

  • Standard weekday metro opening time is 5:50 am start for both lines
  • Fridays and Saturdays also currently open at 5:50 am
  • Red Line trains run later – until midnight Sundays to Thursdays
  • Don’t cut it too close on last evening trains!
  • End-to-end trips take 60 minutes on Red Line, 45 on Green

Now that you know Dubai Metro opening hours starting early at 5:50 am daily, you can plan your commute or journey confidently!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do metro hours change during Ramadan or other holidays?

Yes, Dubai metro alters operating times slightly during certain holidays like Ramadan or private events. Trains generally still start by 6:00 am but may close 1-2 hours earlier. Check the RTA website before Islamic holidays or major events for adjusted times.

If I have an early flight, what’s the first train I can take?

If you need to catch an early flight from Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 or 3, the first departing Red Line train you can take is at 5:50 am from Rashidiya or nearby stops. Make sure to give yourself enough time to navigate the airport once you arrive.

Can I catch a metro train after midnight?

On most days, Dubai Metro service ends by midnight. However, on Saturdays metro Red Line trains extend until 1:00 am to accommodate weekend schedules. The last southbound train leaves Rashidiya station at 1:00 am Saturday nights/Sunday early mornings.

Final Thoughts

Dubai’s driverless metro train system operates reliably from early morning hours straight through rush periods to serve over 200K riders daily. Across the Red and Green Lines, the first metro trains leave end-line stations like Rashidiya and Etisalat weekdays and weekends at 5:50 am.

So whether you’re starting a working day, getting in late Saturday night, or catching an early flight – you can feel confident you’ll be covered by timely Dubai Metro service starting from 5:50 am!

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